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HAO!? Another 'boutique' effect pedals? Answer is absolutely No, HAO pedals are AND sound nothing like other effect pedals in the market.

The highest quality components used throughout and painstakingly built by hand, HAO pedals have become the pedals of choice for many top guitarists in Japan in the past few years. Many so-called "boutique" pedals are based on and sometimes improved upon pedals of the past, but it is not 'original': circuits were invented decades ago. HAO has taken a different path and been creating something new and original.

There is a saying, "Seeing is Believing." Howeverin this case, "Hearing is Believing" is more appropriate. Tonal qualities of HAO pedals just cannot be described in words.

See the difference, Hear the difference, and Experience the difference!

HAO recommends a use of 9V battery instead of a DC9V adaptor for consistent DC power supply and to eliminate AC hum noise although DC9V adaptor jack is standard on each unit for convenience of the players that use pedalboards.

Founded in 1988, JES International, Inc. is one of the leading importers / distributors of world-renowned guitars and guitar-related products in Japan. Please take a look at to see what we carry

JES International is a company of only 9 people. All of us are dedicated musicians ourselves and we only deal with the products that we would be proud of using as musicians. Great deal of time and efforts are put into promotions of each product continuously so that our feelings for the products we carry could be shared by other players as well.

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