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HAO User List

Toshi Hiketa
Toshi Hiketa / Devid Lee Roth Band / Rust Driver

Graduated from Osaka School of Music. Currently in David Lee Roth Band. Also a guitar player in The Hideous Sun Demons.

gRust Driver is very user-friendly and up to pro use at the same time.h

HAO Sound File

Tomo Fujita

Tomo Fujita / Rumble MOD.

Earned his degree at Berklee College of Music and now an assistant professor at the college. Performing regularly with his Berklee collegues as Tomo Fujita and Blue Funk. Awarded the Demo of the Month in Guitar Player magazine.

gI'd been on the Rumble MOD project since the development stage and was astonished with the final proto-type. I was able to express all the subtle picking nuances and it's more like a tube amp than an effect pedal.h
My Usage:
gGain is at 3 o'clock or full and Level is set around 9 o'clock so that its output level is a bit louder when it's on than when it's off. Then Color is around 9 o'clock, which is very bright but itfs easy to control picking nuances.
gYou should note that Color control, unlike regular tone control, sets the tone of overdriven sound. Set it at noon first and then experiment with its tones turning it clockwise / counter-clockwise.

Keisuke Nishimoto
Keisuke Nishimoto ( Kelly Simonz's Blind Faith ) / Rust Ride

Graduate of Osaka School of Music and studied at Bass Institute in Los Angeles. Bass player for Kelly Simonfs Blind Faith and now an educational director at Nagoya Communication Art.

gYou may think Rust Ride sounds too distorted, but in actual live applications, you can't fight distorted guitars and high hats (drums) with less distortion. Crank an amp up when trying it out. Most players try pedals at low volume, but the pedalfs character won't come through at low volume. In other words, the pedal that sounds good at low volume will not necessarily sound as good at high volume.

HAO Sound File


Chris Juergensen
Chris Juergensen (Studio Guitarist) / Rumble MOD.

Taught at prestigious Musicians Institute in Los Angeles for six years and now Director of Education at Tokyo School of Music. In constant demand as a sideman, frontman, and clinician.

The HAO Rumble MOD. has become my insurance policy in a box. Because I never know what kind of amp I'm going to get stuck with on a live or studio gig, I carry it with me wherever I go. It has the unique ability to mimic a big British overdriven stack or a cranked up American open back combo. I use it in the boost mode to bring out my guitar solo above the band. In this mode
it tends to compliment the natural distortion of any amp without changing the fundamental tone. I also use the Rumble MOD. in the drive mode when I need to bust up a super clean amp. In both modes I can adjust the tone to suit any guitar and amp combination and any style of music. The hand made HAO Rumble MOD. is a must have for any guitarist seeking the perfect tone.
Imagine, you can carry around your tone with you in your gig bag!I

HAO Sound File

Toshihiro Sumitomo / Savoy Truffle / Rumble MOD

Formed in 1990 in Osaka, Japan. Highly acclaimed in US and Europe as well as in Japan. 5 albums to date.

gRumble MOD's Boost mode increases sustain without killing my Marshall's character when playing bottleneck. Its Color control is very useful at any setting. I just can't forget other members' look on their faces when hearing my Rumble MOD. for the first time!h

Yoshihiro Ogasawara / Savoy Truffle / Rust Ride

gRust Ride sounds so distorted, but each note retains clarity. You are going to be a star when switching it on! I canft live without Rust Ride any more.h

Sons of Blues
ichiro / Sons of Blues / Rust Booster

gRegardless of type of guitars and amps used, Rust Booster naturally reinforces the original tone. HAO freaks are increasing around me!h

Yoshihiro Matsuura / Sons of Blues / Rumble MOD

gWith both Sole Pressure (used for rhythm) and Rumble MOD on, I can get great lead tones with any amps. Probably better than those great tones heard on Lynyrd Skynyrd and Allman Brothers Band albums!h


Eric Krasno / SOULIVE / Sole Pressure

Formed in 1999. Released 1st album, gTurn It Out,h independently and sold 65,000 (and counting) units worldwide. Opened for The Rolling Stones, The Fave Matthews Band, The Roots, just to name a few. Constantly touring and playing summer festivals.

"The Sole Pressure adds fat tone and gives the perfect amount of drive for a great lead sound."

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